Let's check now to see if your details have been compromised

What could happen if I've been hacked?

Hopefully none of the following will happen to you, and whilst it's not something that should necessarily keep you up at night, the consequences of improper security procedures can be devastating. We're here to help make sure none of this happens to your business.

Financial theft

Hackers can steal your money and open credit card and bank accounts in your name, make purchases or even negatively affect your credit score.

Identity Theft

Not only your usernames and passwords can be stolen, but so can your social media accounts. Your data may be accessed and misused to request identity documents and apply for services in your name.

Denial of Service

Malware & DoS attacks can cripple your networks and inhibit you from serving genuine users. Ransomware can also seize your digital systems until a ransom is paid. 

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