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Direct Sales: 0345 557 6100   Enquiries & Support: 0345 004 4040


Maximise your technology investment - our free no-obligation audit will help you identify any technology trouble spots so that you can plug any holes and keep your business IT running as efficiently as possible.

How our IT Auditing Services help

Understand Your Existing Setup

Not sure what is in your network or which version of Windows you have on your laptops and PCs? Maybe there is a server in the corner of the office that no one knows much about. We'll find out and let you know.

Reduce IT Support Issues

Align all versions of software so that supporting your environment becomes straightforward. We will take a look and advise on upgrades and potential compatibility issues.

Solve Performance Problems

We help identify network problems and machine bottlenecks which slow down data access and productivity. Remedial action can range from upgrading cabling connections to implementing a managed firewall solution.

Cyber Security

Is your endpoint protection up to date? Does your organisation need a managed firewall? We can advise on the latest anti-virus and threat management tools and remedial action necessary to protect your business.

The Best From Your Systems

Our audit gives you a starting point from where you can make improvements to your business operation. As a fully fledged  managed services provider, we can help remedy any issues or work with you on mapping out your IT strategy.

Ready for an

IT Audit?

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How We Audit


A technology consultant from our team will meet with you to gain an understanding of your business and an overview of your setup. 


A physical audit of your IT systems is then undertaken and we look at best practice hardware and software to benchmark against your current setup. 


We will then report back with our findings and provide details of any trouble spots and security holes. We then provide advice and recommendations to improve business efficiency and security. 

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